Love your own weakness

Feel the power of your weakness which transformed (in a new frequency of energy) causes your biggest strengths 

It's all you

It's all divinity 

It's all loved by your soul 

Feel this magic love 

Love yourself in the highest way you can love at now 

And love you then even more and more 

Because you are the highest form of love 

Higher and higher than you could ever imagine love could be 

Love is all

Love is Oneness 

Love is you 

Love is me

Love is us 

Feel it in your heart 

Hear it in every thought 

Believe in it in every single moment 

Let's spread love to all ~ even to those who actually not seem to be lovable because exactly they are the ones who need your love in these moments the most 

Love ~ and remember that you are all the individual aspects in yourself and so your spreading love reaches yourself 

That creates our new reality and consciousness for all ~ like life is already for some 

Love to you, my dear 💕 

and a loving hug 🤗


 If you also want to recognize and live the strengths in your apparent weaknesses, I would be very happy to guide you on this journey into your newly lived self-awareness. Just contact me 💖

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